Blobs/Spots in Elegance coral

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    I was wondering if anyone knows what is going on with this elegance coral. The things I have circled in the pic are little blob/ball things that are inside the tentacles of the coral, the seem to almost roll around and move slowly up and down the tentacles. They seem to get worked up to the tips where they get stuck right up at the tips.

    I have seen my elegance coral do this a couple of times before but it only happens once in a while and I never thought too much about it. When I first noticed them I thought it was some type of parasite hosting in the coral, but on closer inspection they are just balls of what I assume is coral poop. What was different this time was that I first noticed it when I saw some small bits of black debris getting blown around the tank, when I had a look at what it was I noticed the bits were coming off the elegance coral and being expelled from the tips. It seems like the balls make their way or are pushed up to the tips then the tip bends over itself and the stuff starts to come out through the two sections that are touching where the tentacle has folded onto itself.

    The coral is always huge but after it has these episodes it seems to shrink right down for a couple of days then it pops back up to full size and seems to open up larger than before.

    Anyone have an idea what this could be or has anyone seen something like this happening before?

    My theory is that it happens when the coral has eaten something and it is the waste being expelled, I just thought this would be done through the mouth of the coral.

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