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    The Blau ReefMotion DC pump is more or less the same water moving device we’ve seen from countless other companies save for one very important feature. While most companies are happy to rebadge this high performance DC water pump with the stock controller, finally Blau Aquaristic is the first to add a greater level of functionality to the controller side of this device.

    Starting with the first Waveline pumps, the controller for this lineage of controllable DC pump has been held back by the simplest speed controller with only six speeds to dial in, plus a feed mode to pause the pump for ten minutes. Finally, Blau Aquaristic’s ReefMotion DC pump controller adds 0-100% speed control with an LCD display to let you know exactly what power level the pump is performing at. This feature alone is enough to make the ReefMotion DC pump “post-worthy” but Blau’s controller also includes two level sensor switches.

    There is a high and a low level sensor switch built right into the speed controller of the Blau ReefMotion DC pump, and Blau also offers plug-and-play level switches that can easily turn the pump off in the case of the sump running dry, or shut it off in case of a potential overflow. While it is natural to think first of in-sump applications, we love the idea of using the high level sensor switch to monitor the production of skimmate, either in a skimmer cup or a skimmate reservoir so that the skimmer can shut itself down before it makes a huge smelly mess.

    The Blau ReefMotion DC pump is available in six sizes ranging from 1,200 liters per hour to ten times that at 12,000 liters per hour. While all the ReefMotion have this nifty new controller included, it can also be used with the Waveline & Jebao DC pumps that many of us already use, right out of the box. Blau being based in Spain primarily serves the European reef market but we hope to see the concept of their controller incorporated into more DC pumps in the future. [Blau Aquaristic]

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