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    The Blau Lumina LED we spied last fall is closer to reality, heading into production with a target date for release in the wild in June. The Blau Lumina LED lights are going to include LED boards that use what appears to be 12 individual LEDs running at 2 watts each, utilizing secondary optical lenses allowing for even distribution of light. Blau has even taking into consideration with the ability to upgrade the LEDs as technology advances (and we know it will).

    Lumina-LED-Nano-dors72.jpg Using the same body style of the company’s T5 lights with a slow-profile, brushed aluminum housing, the Blau Lumina LED uses passive cooling with heatsinks to give noise-free operation. Each LED module board consists of 12 LEDs and are set up on anywhere from two separate channels up to four, depending on the model.

    Wondering about controlling the light? Blau has internal controllers allowing you to manually operate it, add it to an external controller (Profilux, APEX, etc.) or via a PC. In case of a power outage, your light will return to the same control mode, ensuring your light will keep the same program stored in memory.

    Currently, the Blau LuminaLED has three different modules that contain 12 LEDs with two separate dimming channels. The Marine module blends six 17,500K white and six 450nm blue LEDs, the Freshwater module has 12 6,500K modules with banks of six LEDs that operate independently and the Special Aquatic Plants module has six 6,500K diodes on one channel and one four 6,500K LEDs and two red 623nm diodes on the other.

    Lumina-LED-36-72.jpg Blau chose Epistar LEDs for the Lumina LED since they have a special white diode in the 17,500K range that is tough to match with other brands that emit aound 120Lm per watt. Each unit will come with mounting brackets along with a cable-mounting kit.

    The Lumina LED Nano version will measure in around 36.6 x 16.5 x 4.5cm with one 24W board of LED power and will be priced around*€265.00 (around $347 USD). The Lumina 36 will measure in at 36.6 x 25 x 4.5cm, feature two 24W LED boards and will run €395.00 (around $517 USD). The longest model measures in at 62.6 x 16.5 x 4.5cm and comes in two flavors — the Lumina 62-1 with 48W of LED and the Lumina 62-2 with 96W of LED. The two versions will cost*€395.00 and*€695.00 ($910 USD) respectively.

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