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    blackspot-pygmy-angelfish-1-2-300x271.jpg Last week we brought you sensational never before seen new pictures of a live blackspot pygmy angelfish and this week B-Box Aquarium has the honors. After leaving Reef Solutions Vanuatu who originally collected the fish, B-Box Aquarium purchased this fish and they have offered up two ways that you can enjoy this one-of-a-kind cryptic and rare reef fish.

    You can watch the video of Centropyge nigriocella for free, or for ¥1,380,000, about $16,000, you can be the only owner of a live blackspot pygmy angelfish in the world. The first pictures we posted* were clear, but they didn’t clearly show some of the unique traits of the blackspot pygmy angelfish.

    We’re loving the yellow fins and chin of the blackspot pygmy angelfish, as well as the unique long and ornate pelvic fins. The long white pelvics and the pair of blackspot really gives the blackspot pygmy some damselfish like qualities, like the ocellus of Pomacentrus, or the trailing pelvic fins of Chysiptera rollandi. Unfortunately, who ever ends up buying this Centropyge nigriocella for the price of a car is going to have to be content with the reclusive nature of this fish. Like a golden angelfish, we suspect that the blackspot angelfish will hardly ever be seen except for feeding time.
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