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    So many tanks these days suffer from frag-a-titis- a bad rash of unsightly frag plugs slowly creeping across the sandbed.* The best cure is a magnetic frag rack, but when looking around, each find seems uglier than the last.* Where are the sleek, professional looking frag rack that don’t look like some guy glued magnets onto a piece of egg crate or a flat piece of acrylic with holes drilled into it? And then I stumbled across the MR3 frag racks from which take sleek to the next level, and one was purchased one on the spot.


    For starters the main rack is a rounded acrylic sheet with custom cut hexagonal frag plug holes, far removed from the egg crate and wack-a-mole drilled acrylic look of others.* Not content to stop there, the designers went on to address the second major flaw of frag racks: ugly magnets.* Instead of magnets glued onto the rack almost as conspicuously as possible, Black Rock Reef magnets are built solid into the rack for a smooth look, and as a finishing touch there are two vertical supports for added stability.

    Simply put, these frag racks make others look like toys, and the pricing including free shipping is very competitive, if not cheaper, than their unsightly counterparts.* They also fit the standard 3/4″ plugs side-by-side in every hole, so this model will comfortably fit 19 frags with no overcrowding. Black Rock Reef frag racks are available in a few sizes starting at $25 up to $35.

    The MR3 frag racks remind me of Quentin Tarantino’s coffee in Pulp Fiction: I want a great looking gourmet frag rack because when I look at it I want to like it.* Anyone can go to the store and get what’s average, but with so much invested in our systems as is, who wants average?

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