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    Last week we conducted a brief survey of our readers regarding the upcoming Black Friday shopping period. We wanted to see who was going to be shopping, what they were looking to buy and to see what kinds of deals they were looking for. The results were interesting as the majority of our readers will be buying items this season and looking to spend quite a bit too.

    Overall, 84% are planning to shop for aquarium-related products over the Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping period. Surprisingly, 34% indicated they were spending over $300 this year and 71% will spend over $100. And they aren’t spending this for other people as 82% noted the purchase was for themselves.

    But what kinds of things are they looking for? While there was a variety of responses, the top four items were pumps and powerheads, livestock, lighting and dry goods.

    When it comes to shopping around for the best deals, our readers overwhelmingly noted (46%) they were looking for discounts on big ticket items like lighting, aquariums, controllers, etc. Also, 18% indicated they would nab up deep discounted items that were not on their lists if the deal was too good to pass up. Loyalty is still key with 16% noting they look for deals from their favorite retailers.

    See the details below in this infographic.

    [​IMG]Readers also viewed:

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    Hi there, thanks for the info, never did the black friday thing before,

    Are they any good and any sites we can concentrate on please

    Thanks for the heads up

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