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    Aquarium Specialty’s BioTek Marine is launching two new sump models at Reefapalooza Orlando this weekend, the BioSump and TekSump. Each of these new external aquarium filtering chambers offer a bevy of features that aquarists have come to demand in a modern sump device, with the TekSump really pushing the envelope of what features and function a sump can deliver.

    [​IMG]The BioSump will be BioTek Marine’s “entry level” sump although it will seem high end compared to the off the shelf models and brands that you can pick up at your regular Local Fish Store. Thoughtful consideration has been placed on advanced features like reducing noise and splash from the incoming water draining from your fish tank.

    The BioSump also comes with basic sections to add mechanical pre-filtration, a constant water volume area for placing an internal protein skimmer, and a little extra engineering in the baffle design to reduce unwanted micro-bubbles from entering the aquarium. The BioSump will come in a range of sizes and it can be recognized as having full black acrylic bottom, rear and bracing on the top, with bright red acrylic walls in between the different sections of the sump.

    [​IMG]The most exciting line in the new sump series by BioTek Marine will be the TekSump which will pull out all the stops to keep you from pining for any other sump model. The hallmark of the BM TekSump will be the external finish made entirely of grey cast acrylic with clear viewing windows in critical places.

    These viewing panes will show you what’s happening in both the protein skimmer and return pump areas with increments carved in to display actual water volume, and water height. It’s one thing to be able to see the water height in the chambers, but being able to see actual water volume in these spaces will be equally important since there’s an adjustable spillway to adjust the height of the protein skimmer chamber so you can dial in the performance of your skimmer to be “just so”.

    [​IMG]The TekSump offers other great features like an slotted drain pip to dampen noise, integrated probe holders, a tight fitting lid to keep noise and salt spray inside the sump, and the TekSump will come standard with a a filter sock holder for fine mechanical pre-filtration. Pictured in these images is the first prototype TekSump which is a 36 inch model that will be on display in Orlando and if this device is as beautiful in pictures as it is in real life, you’ll want to swing by the Aquarium Specialty booth to take a look, whether you’re in the market for a new sump or not. [BioTek Marine]

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