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8 May 2007
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Biota Aquariums is a new company that is hoping to break the high attrition rate of novice and new aquarists in the marine aquarium hobby by eliminating common points of potential failure — loss of livestock.

Although the technology and scientific advances make keeping a marine and reef aquarium much easier, there is a standstill in the number of novice aquarists, particularly children and young adults. Why? Although hefty pricetags for equipment and livestock keep many at bay (or drive them out), loss of livestock and the frustrations of not being able to keep a healthy system running is a big deterrent.


Biota was founded by biologists Kevin Gaines and Tom Bowling who noticed the commercial availability of livestock has a dramatic affect on the consumer’s first experience. By eliminating multiple chain of custodies, the fish and corals are conditioned and delivered without the usual exposure to many different holding systems with many different types of bacteria and parasites that are naturally present in the trade.


With the goal of creating successful new marine enthusiasts, the Biota Aquarium comes complete with three sustainably sourced fish and several soft coral options for the beginner in a 12 gallon tank. The aquarium has everythign you’ll need to succeed with a touch-control LED lighting optimized for coral growth, recirculation pump, bio-media, a heater, thermometer, hydrometer, cleaning magnets, sand, salt and starter food.

Guided by a simple setup and video support, the the simple process of care centers around a simple exchange of one gallon per week to maintain water quality and vital trace minerals. Starter fish packages include two ocellaris clownfish (Amphiprion ocellaris) and an orchid dottyback (Pseudochromis fridmani). You can also add two leather corals (long polyp and a green leather) and a zoanthid coral as an optional upgrade.

The company is keen on spreading the conservation message that starts with the sustainably sourced marine aquarium. In fact, Biota has committed a portion of its profits to support ocean conservation organizations.

The Biota Aquarium will be available soon and will be offered through retailers as well as direct to the consumer. The customer will buy the tank, set it up and then activate a livestock code to receive their live rock and fish and corals. Biota Aquariums livestock will go from their holding facility directly to the consumer and eliminate the need for the retailer to hold or acclimate the fish or corals in their systems.

From the website that launched yesterday, the Biota Aquarium looks to launch with a Kickstarter campaign in the near future, potential in early to mid April.

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