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    The Biology of Gobies is a new book on Amazon*which is more less an anthology on all aspects of fishes in*the*family Gobiidae. The Biology of Gobies follows up on the Biology of Blennies released in 2009 with so much information to learn abbout gobies it’ll make your head spin. A lot of books about fish focus strictly on their identification and maybe a little bit of ecology so you can actually find the things but the Biology of Gobies pulls out all the stops.*

    At a list price of about $150 the Biology of Gobies better be a textbook and a quick glance at the table of contents reveals an extensive overview of what makes a fish a goby, physical (meristic) and molecular techniques used to tease out the genetics of gobies, their ecology, biology and of course a big section on identifying some of the more than 2000 species of gobies.


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