Big Thanks to two great MASA Members

23 Oct 2015
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Cape Town

I just want to say a special thank you to @Bigbone and @Ayoob for helping me get my tank setup so quickly, over the last week.

If it were not for these guys I would still be procrastinating and not getting the Job done, so thanks for all your help and advice and assistance in getting the water into my tank. These guys have even donated some of my first livestock :p I was so excited to start i bought some corals before the tank had water in:m13:....

Really motivating to have guys like these in the hobby willing to assist a new guy like me. i hope to learn alot from all of you....

So for tank has water in with no leaks on initial water addition SHOT @Ayoob, skimmer and uplift is running ( abit noisy but il hunt for a new one), live rock is drying in the sun, im in no hurry just yet, still need to get a few things and do loads and loads of more research...

Getting into this hobby has even gotten me making contact with old friends from primary and high school....Big UPS to the CPT Reefers.

Keep Reefing!
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