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Discussion in 'Anything DIY Related' started by aragorn101, 13 Jan 2011.

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    2 May 2010
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    hey guys I decided its time to give my jardini a custom home

    now I know its bathwater but after selling my 4ft marine to clive last year .im missing it abit so I want make the tank future safe for if the jar dies , and its easy to convert into marine.
    and have decided on the folowing sizes as the tank will have to fit on an existing cabinet thingy .

    lenth 240 cm
    width 55 cm
    glass hieght 55 cm
    water height 45 cm

    now its all standard spec but I want to build this my self again .so a few questions to the pros

    the water height will be quite low so can I get away with 8mm from what ive worked out ill still have a saftey factor of 3.5.
    the tank will be braised with 5cm 8mm on all 4 sides top and bottom and have 3 top 5cm wide braces runing front to back. would going 10mm be a better option or just overkill ?

    as for the bottom sheet of glass with the last tank I build I used 10mm bottom and 8mm for the rest .Is this realy needed as the tank will be on 12mm poly and marine ply and on solid cabbinet surface.
    the tank will have a small corner overflow with dorso as the 1.8m sump will be in the room next door.ready for marine upgrade BUT..what is the best way to do the overflow in the back left corner as it wont be going under the base of the tank but straight out the wall. the pipes will run out the house and back inside again .can i have the overflow and inlet all in the corner as i WANT AS MUCH GLASS open as possible for light,dont want to have any backgrounds on this tank .just nat light coming in from all around and 3 150w mh pendants above. should I INSULATE the pipes outside to keep the temp stable ?

    ahh and where is the best place in gp to get glass

    thanks any advice on any of questions will be awsome
    cheers thanks all
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  3. dallasg

    dallasg Moderator MASA Contributor

    14 Dec 2008
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    for the small price diff, i would go with 10mm glass, 8mm is imported so a little more expensive.
    try Rene Turck for glass
  4. aragorn101

    aragorn101 Thread Starter

    2 May 2010
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    awsome thanks man
    would these be the correct sizes ?
    2 X 240cm bi 55cm 10mm front and back
    1 x 240cm bi 55cm 12mm base
    2 x 55cm bi 53cm 10mm sides
    4 x 240cm bi 5cm 10mm lenthwise brace top and bottom
    7 x 53cm bi 5cm 10mm side brace and top brace
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  5. Manic

    Manic Moderator

    12 Mar 2009
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    Johannesburg, Edenvale
    Here is the sizes I would use:

    2 x 2400mm x 550mm x 10mm
    1 x 2376mm x 526mm x 12mm
    2 x 526mm x 550mm x 10mm

    I think that is right. It allows you to build the base inside the tank which is better for bigger tanks and it allows space for silicon.
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