Best way to test a tank?

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    11 May 2010
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    Hi All

    So i am almost done with the build of my new cube but i need some advice of testing the tank in terms of leaks, strength etc. Other then the fresh water test that everyone does is there other tests that i can perform on the tank before i start with the cycle.

    Really dont want to end up in a situation were it leaks or cracks etc.

    If there are guys out there (which im sure there are many :whistling:) that has been through this process please can you provide me with all tips/advice.

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    1 Feb 2009
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    when I built my tank I filled it with fresh water and left it for 2 weeks while I prepared other parts of the system. If it doesnt leak during that time then it should never leak.

    If you have your stand ready then test it on that as sometimes the cause of crack is from the stand.

    If you planning on putting a wave box in then try test it with some kind of wave like motion as this adds alot of stress.

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