Best way to direct water into aquarium from reurn pump?

21 Nov 2007
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Paarl Western Cape ZA
Hi everyone

I have a question today, that I cannot find on the forum so here we go.

With my new setup, I am looking into different ways to direct the water from my return into the aquarium itself. Fo mr current tank I did not use substrate, so I just directed all water straight into the tank, pointing down toward the bottom of tank.

I however decided that I will put substrate into the new shallow reef that I am constructing. My return pump will be a dct 12000 and my return line is 32mm pvc with only a combination of 45" elbows.

Two questions, will my return line handle the waterflow and secondly,( and most importantly ) how do I direct the water back into the tank? What is the best way? Straight into the tank from the 32mm pipe, do I t it off, do I put something else at end of pipe to redirect? What is the best way from experience. I know what worked well for me, but please we always want to improve.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

I am running a DCT12000 on level 8 (out of 10) through 2 X 32mm return lines and it is fine. I have a 45 degree elbow on the end to direct the flow.
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@mariusmeyer so would you recommend having 2 return lines rather than one? Did you just put a T at the pump?
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