Best place to buy FW fish, equipment, and food in CTN northern suburbs

Discussion in 'Fresh Water Tanks Discussion' started by hartz, 5 Apr 2008.

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    Hi all.
    Can you please make some recommendations as to where I should go to look for a good variety of good quality equipment at decent prices. So far I've found Mega Mica (Willow Bridge, Tyger Valley) to be good in terms of variety, but have not compared prices or quality yet.

    I'm new to this hobby and I've already made a mess up of my tank twice, so I'm into my third tank now.

    My first tank turned out to be a "skollie" tank, and this limited me too much so I gave all the fish back to a pet shop and started over intending to start a community tank (lots of neons, guppies and a few dwarf gouramies, and an elephant nose and a butterfly fish)

    The butterfly fish in fact is the only survivor of my original tank. The community tank got sick. Everything died. So I started over, scrubbed the gravel, the plastic plants, and the ship-wreck. The real plants and a few other rocks I threw away. This time I committed to regular vacuuming and filter cleaning, doing water changes and preparing the water before hand, etc.

    But I'm still learning as I go along.

    Strangely my original "skollie" tank was realy low maintenance. I only did one 50% water change every 3 to 4 months, and that without even vacuuming !

    So all advice and hints from the wize spirits that lurks in these forums are very welcome.

    Some questions:
    How SHOULD I be treating my water? Nitrate down? Nitrite and Nitrate test kits? Ph-test kits? Amonia testing? Hardness testing?

    Can someone also please explain the different filtration systems so that I can understand WHY they work - I'm the type of person who needs to understand things in order to remember them!

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    Contact Liaquat from Aquality he will give you good advice and sell you what you really need
  4. HenkHugo


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    for FW i would say Panorama Petshop. Ask for Nico or Erik and tell them i sent you... they will sort you out :thumbup:

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