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    April Fools is both fun and annoying but we did have to say, we found a few chuckles in our inbox and social media feeds today and thought we’d share a few:

    Neptune Systems – QED, Quiet Echo Driver

    We all spend as much time trying to quiet our beasts but the more pumps, drains, overflows, sumps and reactors we add, we create more noise. Finally, Neptune has solved the issue for good for APEX owners. Just put on the QED, plug its AquaBus cable into your Apex, and enjoy your reef in complete silent bliss!

    [​IMG]Bulk Reef Supply — BRS Coral Seeds

    Fragging is so last year. This is why our friends at Bulk Reef Supply created its line of coral seeds. Just plant, add water and watch them grow. Available in Acropora, zooanthid and acan varieties.

    Marine Depot — Deknarp Biogenics Pisces Minimus

    According to Marine Depot, its Pisces Minimus from Deknarp Biogenics, is a revolutionary new aquarium supplement that safely and effectively prevents marine life from growing. Just add a few drops of this groundbreaking formula to your aquarium each day and your livestock will remain the same size! Perfect solution for the tang police.


    Giesemann UK – Reef Safe Pygmy Dolphins

    Unique marine life is a big theme this year and why not keep a dolphin in your reef tank? Thanks to this breakthrough, you can grab a pygmy dolphin that won’t get larger than 6 inches.

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