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    With Aquarama being one of the best places in the world to see the most exquisite freshwater fish of all kinds, you know we can’t go all the way to Singapore and not give the freshies a little bit of love. The betta fish competition might be the most expansive display at Aquarama, that doesn’t mean that the discus fish are not turning heads either.

    While we did not get a chance to snap as many great profile shots of this year’s best Symphysodon discus fish, the handful we did manage to capture are still truly wonderful. Discus are one of the first groups of fishes we fell in love as a child aquarist and they still hold a very special place in our ‘quarium hearts.

    Maybe some day we’ll keep the King of Aquariums in a personal aquarium, with a light layer of fine sand, some medium sized cories scooting about, and a large school of cardinal tetras swimming between amazon swordplants. But for now we are more than content to marvel at other people’s discus and the myriad of colors and varieties that master breeders are still coming up with.

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