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    Benofishal is a new aquarium fish food company that hopes to garner some traction by offering the first, truly organic frozen fish food in the aquairum hobby. The organic frozen foods offered by Benofishal come in four different recipes and they use only human-grade sushi and seafood with no fillers to make their frozen food packets.

    None of Benofishal’s recipes use any kind of terrestrial vegetable matter whose digestibility for marine fish is much less than ocean-sourced greens. The new organic fish food company joins the ranks of Nyos and their organic pelleted fish foods as providing a food for aquarium fish that is free of pesticides and hormones. We wondered how seafood could be labelled as organic since it comes from the ocean but apparently all wild caught seafood is defacto “organic”.

    [​IMG]Benofishal started up operations in January of this year but their big debut was at the Aquatic Experience in Chicago at the end of last month. Their organic frozen fish food is available in a Community Buffet, Reef Spread, Meats and Boneless formulas while the vegetable matter are offered up as dry Greens or Seaweed formulas, also both made from organically sourced ingredients.

    As with human food that is labeled organic, Benofishal’s frozen food offerings are on the higher end of the price scale with packages ranging around $50 per pound and available through a growing network of LFS, as well as available online, although the online prices are woefully inaccurate. Benofishal joins Larry’s Reef Frenzy in offering super fresh, highest quality seafood ingredients for feeding our beloved aquarium fish, especially the picky ones or those with specialized diets. [Benofishal]

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