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    Belonoperca-chabanaudi1.png Belonoperca chabanaudi is a sleek and interesting looking fish that will make short work of smaller fish and shrimp. Picture by Flickr user Ben Naden.

    Belonoperca is small genus with only two species which includes the amazing clown like Dr. Seuss Fish and the lesser known B. chabanaudi. These predatory fish are elongated and fierce looking and prefer living under overhangs and ledges in deep and cooler waters. The two species bears similar resemblance in shape and behavior but are worlds apart in coloration. Unlike the comical pink polka dotted B. pylei, B. chabanaudi is a sleek fish with a uniform gunmetal coloration with neon blue highlights and a striking yellow spot.

    Belonoperca chabanaudi is rare, but still makes a more regular appearance in the aquarium trade as compared to the ultra rare B. pylei. The range of the former is also wider, and lives at much shallower depths. Exports of B. chabanaudi typically come from Indonesia or Philippines while B. pylei, from Micronesia.

    Belonoperca-pylei.png Left: Belonoperca pylei in a deepwater Japanese reeftank. Right: A still frame from a video of B. pylei taken in Micronesia by John Earle.

    Apart from the brand new Dr. Seuss Fish (B. pylei) that entered japan recently, there are a small handful that currently reside in deepwater tank setups by japanese fish collectors. The one pictured above lives in a deepwater set up with larger fish that share the same requirements. Prognathodes guyanensis, Bodianus sanguineus, Prognathodes marcellae,*Cirrhilabrus earlei and Odontanthias borbonius are some of the fish that share the same tank with the B. pylei. The tank set up includes many overhanging liverock structures and a cool temperature of 20 degrees Celsius, or 68F. Perfect for our deepwater beauties.


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