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  1. sleepy


    1 May 2012
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    advise needed gt my tnk 3weeks now bort tnk with yellow tang and 2 chromies
    2cnd week bort pair clowns
    3rd week yellow tail damsel
    and 2nyt i noticed small guppy lukn fish swimmn around
    what do i do
    gt no seperation tank and cnt catch them ciz i gt to much liverock
    do i jst let nature sort itslf out ?
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  3. shaunn


    26 Sep 2011
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    How big is ur tank ? And we needs pictures please
  4. RiaanP

    RiaanP Moderator

    11 Aug 2008
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    tnk x ready.
    x stable cyvle x dne must wait cycle complete do not bort any fish
    small goby nice hitchhiker
    you shoul jst let nature sort itslf out, but give a chance to it.

    Wow, its crap to write in this bloody stupid SMS speak or whatever you want to call your method of communication. You do have a lot more that 165 characters available. Some proper spelling and punctuation would greatly help me to understand what is your problem you are trying to describe.

    Is the problem that there is a hitch hiker goby? In my opinion, take a photo and get a proper ID. If it is a goby, then it should be a nice addition to your tank.

    Is the problem that you are adding fish to a system that is far to young and unstable? Not even done the cycle period. Doubt if you did check the water parameters. Unless you got excellent quality live rock with minimal die-off, you should have a cycle. But hitch hiking fish could indicate rock with minimal die-off. Or just a very lucky fish.

    Anyway, your tank is 3 weeks old. Then you BORT (bought) 2 yellow tangs, second week clowns and thereafter damsels. 5 fish in a 3 week old system. You are going to loose them all with your impatience. The high ammonia levels are burning their gills. Are you doing large water changes? Bigger than 10%? About only thing you can do now, due to cycle still going and fish already in the system. Except removing the fish to a healthy system until your system stabilized.

    I see on your other threads you were already advised to test your water parameters. Please do it.

    And if you did do a proper cycle and the parameters are OK. It just proof that if you provided proper information while asking for advice I would not have jumped on you. If my "jumping on you" are justified, actually I do not care how you feel about it. I care more for the fish lives that are at your mercy.

    Please slow down. There is one important rule with marine set-ups that is constantly ignored by many. "Patience"
    That, is the key to success in this hobby.
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  5. Rubenvm


    10 Nov 2011
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    Agreed Riaan,

    Nail on the head with that one.

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