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    We absolutely love cute little nano reef fish and few more so than the Plectranthias. Although the hobby only sees Plectranthias inermis imported with any kind of regularity, there dozens of beautiful species of Plectranthias in the sea that would make fantastic aquarium fish. A large number of Plectranthias are found in the northwest Pacific Ocean around the seas of Taiwan and Japan including Plectranthias pelicieri, P. sagamiensis, P. xanthomaculatus and this little gem which has not yet been identified to an exact species of Plectranthias.

    Blue Harbor acquired this unknown deepwater Plectranthias*from a deep water collection in Okinawa which means that it probably prefers cooler waters like other deep reef fish. This fresh-collected unknown Plectranthias*may be a little bit muted in coloration but we have no doubt that it will eventually blossom into an amazing hawkfish-anthias with*color*and pattern to match its closely related species.

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