Be aware of newest scammers tricks

15 Dec 2007
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Hi Reefers

This is a heads up to other sponsors and especially hobbyists, as myself and a client had similar experiences of a "browser" here on MASA.

The newest way other hobbyists / scammers trick you out of your stock without paying !!!

1. They make the deal and promise to EFT.
2. You receive a bank confirmation SMS that the money was EFT'd - This look legitimate as it is from the bank and all info you see is correct.
3. Now they want you to release the goods to a courier the same day
4. The next day the money does not show in your account and never does !!!

HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE = you did receive a bank EFT confirmation?

Well the bank confirmation only showed the first part of your account (receiving account) for security reasons, but that is their opportunity!!!
The part of the number that does not show was altered and therefore you will never see that money. :m79:

I contacted the client and he told me that he did the EFT and I should contact my bank to sort it out.
I spoke to his bank in this case and they told me that the "client" immediately after making the fake EFT asked them to contact my bank for a fund return due to a "typing mistake" by this client. They also confirmed that this is a regular thing with him.
His comments when he finally answered a call from me was that I must proof he still ow me this money and that the Police can do nothing as this is a civil case and lawyers are to expensive for small cases like this. BUT He made the mistake of stating IN WRITING to his bank that he owed the money to me but made a mistake with the number and not the amount :m14: soOO I made a criminal case against him for fraud.(glad I studied so hard when I was a policeman :lol: ) Therefore Mr. M I do not need a lawyer, look out for that familiar knock on your door :whistling: )
BUT this would have been unnecessary if I only waited for the funds to clear first.


The 2 banks involved comments regarding this to me was along the following lines:
A. The SMS is just a guide and should not be seen as absolute confirmation
B. Get a bank confirmation via the banks email as the whole number will appear on that, BUT still wait for the money to clear into your account.
C. Do not release any goods before the money actually appears as cleared funds in your account.

They just make it so much more difficult for honest people to do honest business.
Shot for the share. Sadly this kind of thing hurts it for all of us who are not guilty.
They also confirmed that this is a regular thing with him.
Pity that the bank would not provide you the contact information for the other victims who also had their payments reversed. Would be great if all could band together to take him down for good.
That's a really unfortunate scenario Mools... Hoping it wasn't a MASA member...
Out of curiosity, what was the livestock/products?

Sometimes one must wonder, what could be next hey...

I think RiaanP has a brilliant idea though with getting all the hustled people together to all get this individual.

Had a similar instance with one of my students earlier this year, when money was meant to be deposited into a departmental expenses account and one student tried the same technique claiming he deposited the same amount twice and wanted to be refunded for the one charge, but he actually cancelled both transactions before the money was in the account and tried to hustle himself a nice (relative to students) amount of cash. But, needless to say, that student dropped out of the course (heavy plagiarism and blatantly bunked classes thinking I wouldn't notice).
Name and shame

Can not name him :m87: as he is not a member but a anonymous browser AND his name is a very common name in his community. So naming him will be unfair to others with the same name.:m33:

If I knew his surname and full names I would have done so.
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Its shocking to see some of the deals going thru here in the for sale section as well. Some oaks EFT money to secure livestock or equipment before they lose the deal, but they have not seen the items or know the seller.

that is why we got the 50 posts count before having access to the for sale section rule in place.

For those lurkers, who joined MASA long ago, or never join but just browse. When the time comes that they want to sell, this rule bites them.
Rule of thump is that any money dep should first refleck into your account(showing an increase in bank balance) and it MUST be drawable immediatly.
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that is why we got the 50 posts count before having access to the for sale section rule in place.

For those lurkers, who joined MASA long ago, or never join but just browse. When the time comes that they want to sell, this rule bites them.

I really missed that one... I just thought I couldn't find the thread starter option lol...
But that makes sense though, rather allow dedicated members to sell than just people who join to sell immediately... Much better regulation than on junkmail or gumtree... with all those "giving away puppy to good home for free... you need to only pay for courier..." scams that they have on there...
hopefully, with 50 posts, the member becomes a bit more known and somebody else do know him.

Not perfect. But at least better than having a complete anonymous person selling stuff, without pictures. Or maybe one full tank shot picture that is 3 years old, showing none of the equipment on offer.

As Moolis said, look out and have your bank confirm the payment.
Hmmm maybe something to look into is a rating system?
Similar to Uber where you rate your driver and your driver rates you, just here it would be a seller - buyer rating?
that could also maybe help a bit?
Hmmm maybe something to look into is a rating system?
there is a rating system.
Where buyers can rate sellers.

Click on the members name, On the left. you should land on the Feedback Score page.
You can see which sale it was on, and what the buyer said about the sale.

It is up to the community to use it.
Masa has done it's best to create a secure environment for transactions to take place BUT there is always the exception to the rule so we will always advise caution. Try your best to buy from reputable well known members. Make use of the ratings sy stems etc. They are all there for a reason.
Hi but you know i ordered from youll last week and i made 3 different payments to youll for 3 different things and for some reason on my last eft i had to make that payment 2 times. But it showed as it went out on my end and 2days later it returned into my account and i redid the payment and after receiving my stock 2days later the amount of R190 returned into my account and in my account it shows as 26TSTOP. Something like that. But 2 other payments of over R800 went through fine. Maybe something was up with your bank or that guy was with Nedbank like me and maybe Nedbank was haven't an issue. Coz both times it showed as its paid on my end and sent the sms notification.
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