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    Bashsea is one of those companies that is proving the devil’s in the details. The US company has developed a unique line of filtration products that include the Bashsea Twisted protein skimmer. The Bashsea Twisted design takes your Beckett injection skimmer design and amplifies it with an injection and mixing system that uses a twisting mechanism in the skimmers downdraft tube to take the injected stream of dirty water and get a nice agitated stream going to increase dwell time and efficiency of the skimmer to remove more nutrients from the water.

    We saw the Bashsea line four years ago at MACNA and have been watching the company continue to pump out finely crafted products. The unique black and blue design is front-and-center in their creations. One thing you will notice is the quality material and craftsmanship and minute details in the CNC’d acrylic work, laser cuts and precision construction. While most of the skimmer world is evolving the cone recirculation skimmer design, it is nice to see a company improve on the trusty Beckett design.

    Bashsea Twisted Skimmer - YouTube
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