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8 May 2007
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Bashsea is big in bold in many ways but the nano scene was a missing piece for some of its products, but that changed when the company recently unveiled the Bashsea Mano nano sump. Although they are billing it as the “man’s nano” sump, this sump is a good choice for any reefer looking for something cool and bold underneath their aquarium.

This 14 x 14 x 15 in. sump has the same signature features as its larger signature series sumps. Build from 1/4 in. cast acrylic, it features a built in corner sock holder pre-filter, two sets of holes designed for dosing, a way to control cords with slots laser-cut slots on the top, a generously sized and adjustable protein skimmer chamber that keeps the water level consistent, an area for small media reactors or a live refugium situated right before the last set of baffles to the dedicated pump chamber.

The Bashsea Mano nano sump comes in four colors — white, black, red or blue.

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