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    One thing about Bashsea’s products is they immediately grab your attention and this is the same for one of the company’s latest additions — the Bashsea I-SEA Coral Viewer. Made with thick acrylic in four colors, it also includes some smart features.

    Although most top-down viewers are pretty simple, a box or tube with clear acrylic on the bottom, the I-SEA uses 1/4 in. acrylic on the top and bottom to give you a beefier top-down that will withstand a bit more abuse than thinner acrylic. The Bashsea I-SEA also features four small tabs on the viewing face and top to allow you to stand it on its side without it rolling off the surface.

    The Bashsea I-Sea Coral Viewer is available in four colors — red, blue, white and black — and 6 in. and 8 in. sizes and retails for around $40 for the 6 in. version. The company will also customize these for larger orders, so if you are a fish store or vendor looking for unique customized gadgets, check them out.

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    wow. 40 dollars to view your corals. That is R560 before import costs, shipping and local shop markups.


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