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8 May 2007
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As a big fan of the gadget and equipment side of the hobby, my Friday morning coffee browsing paused when we came across this custom sump by Bashsea. This trifecta is part of the Bashsea Signature Series of sumps created for a customer. What is intriguing is the three-box approach instead of the traditional one long box approach for sumps.

For large sumps (even sumps that are for smaller systems but take up a lot of space), getting them under an aquarium and into a stand can be tough. Breaking it up into sections, Bashsea makes it more manageable. This was designed so each chamber connects to the other via true union fittings to make the installation and removal easy without having to cut apart plumping.

In this design, the first section contains the drains that overflow into two filter socks. Then the water flowing into the second chamber for the protein skimmer. The final chamber has an adjustable slide to adjust the water level in the middle chamber for the skimmer to be dialed in and a final last baffle to minimize micro-bubbles before heading into a chamber designed for the return. The final touches include form fitting lids and cord control built into the chambers top trim for a clean install and more quiet operation.

Bashsea definitely are more of the rockers when it comes to their approach. While everything looks slick, they definitely have a bit of an edge to them – consistent use of black with bold color accents, industrial look and feel with a bit of grittiness and attitude you don’t see in other vendors. They definitely design cool equipment that performs as well.

This modular approach could even be expanded to a full production line of sumps. Add more or less based on your system and needs. Want more space for reactors? Need to add a refugium? Slap in another module.

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