RSS Based on their frag pricing, Sexy Corals is probably smoking crack

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    We’ve just got two words for Sexy Corals: Re Hab. Put down the crack pipe and call your local drug abuse hotline because you have got to be high if you think this is still 2005-2006 where you can name a price and people will trip over themselves to buy lords and chalice corals. Seriously dude, do you think we’re all collectively stupid? $129 for one polyp frags of what is essentially a $99 colony of average chalice coral? $200 and $250 for one polyp frags of what you yourself even describe as ‘dirty yellow” chalice coral?

    Take a look around you man, Reef Odyssey sells much nicer dual polyp frags for $59 and Unique Corals is currently loaded up with colonies of more colorful orange and red-eye-green chalices for ninety nine, ninety nine. Let us repeat that, whole colonies for a less than a benjamin. Your one-eyed-flamin-rainbow chalice frags for $450 better come with a polyp-job because LiveAquaria’s large red Aussie chalice colony is only $180 and it will at least ship with a nice Doctors Foster & Smith catalog. We could go on but we think by now you get the point. Sexy Corals, since this is your first infraction we’ll let you off with a warning this time. But if we come back around to your site next week and your corals are still listed for crack-street prices, we’re totally gonna call the DEA on your manus.
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