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    It was over a year ago that we first covered the Banggai Rescue Kickstarter project, which was ran to fund a book about the*Pterapogon kauderni and the project to bring the Cardinals back from the*brink*of extinction along with a small Banggai Cardinal breeding operation under the care of Matt Pedersen. Although the original deadline for the book was September of 2012, due to unexpected*difficulties*the deadline was shifted to an*unknown*date. From an update on the Banggai Rescue blog today however,*it looks like Banggai Rescue is finally getting closer to release.

    It certainly appears the creators behind the project are very excited about the book, and can’t wait to share their discoveries. The book additionally turned out to be a bit longer than expected at 300 pages, rather than the original 160 or so odd pages predicted on the Kickstarter page, which is an obviously a plus. If the previews posted on the Banggai rescue website furthermore tell us anything the book furthermore looks very well laid out and informative. All in all it might have very well have been worth the wait.

    In addition to the update on the books progress, it is also*mentioned*that those who originally*donated to the project should be receiving an additional*note card*set in the mail the coming two weeks.
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