Bali shipment has arrived!!!

28 Nov 2011
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Brackenfell, Cape Town
Hi Everyone

We've received the following great looking stock from Bali selling at our normal low prices:

Long Tentacle Green Tip Anemones @ R395.00ea
Red Hermit Crabs (large) @ R89.00ea
Sand shifting Starfish @ R139.00ea
Turbo Snails @ R69.00ea
Rolland's Damoiselle @ R59.00ea
Broadsaddle Cardinal Fish @ R89.00ea
Bangai Cardinal Fish @ R295.00ea
Scarlet Wrasse @ R129.00ea
Blue-sided Fairy Wrasse @ R119.00ea
Royal Blue Pygmy Angel @ R195.00ea
Pearl-scaled Angel @ R195.00ea
Vermiculated Angel Fish @ R195.00ea
Convict Surgeon @ R139.00ea
Scopas Tang @ R149.00ea
Chocolate Surgeon @ R259.00ea
Foxface @ R375.00ea
Selarias Goby (Algae eater) @ R109.00ea
Yellow-nosed Goby @ R195.00ea
Orange lined Goby @ R169.00ea
Yellow Coral Goby @ R215.00ea
Wheeler's Prawn Goby (Tiger Goby) @ R195.00ea
Golden head Sleeper Goby @ R169.00ea
Jewel Antenna Basslet (Red) @ R95.00ea
Royal Dottyback @ R119.00ea
Zebra Lionfish @ R159.00ea

This stock looks really good so come on in and grab some whilst it lasts.


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