Bali shipment arrived

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    Hi Everyone

    We've received the following livestock from Bali:

    Two Lined Monocle Breams @ R229.00ea
    Red & Green Dottybacks @ R279.00ea
    Royal Dottybacks @ R210.00ea
    Jewel Antenna Basslets @ R139.00ea
    Royal Blue Pygmy Angelfish @ R249.00ea
    Vermiculated Angels @ R269.00ea
    Green Wrasses @ R169.00ea
    Scarlet Wrasses @ R169.00ea
    Lubbock's Fairy Wrasses @ R199.00ea
    White Glider @ R249.00ea
    Tangaroa Gobies @ R345.00ea
    Astrolabe Wrasses @ R169.00ea
    Diana's Hogfish @ R169.00ea
    Lyretail Wrasses @ R169.00ea
    Pink & Blue Spotted Gobies @ R279.00ea
    Jewelled Rockskipper (Salarias Gobies) @ R149.00ea
    Dusky Blennies @ R169.00ea
    Bali Jawfish @ R249.00ea
    Mandarinfish @ R495.00ea
    Brown Sailfin Tangs (Scopas) @ R249.00ea
    Foxface @ R595.00ea
    Decorated Spinefoot @ R249.00ea

    This stock looks really nice so come on in and check it out especially as there are a few species included that we have not had before. Also, remember our 500g High Grade Carbon Giveaway. All you need to do is purchase anything for R500 or more and you will receive this gift absolutely FREE


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