Bali ,fish galore stunning shipment

Discussion in 'SAMS Aquarium' started by ebrahim sams aquarium, 17 Aug 2013.

  1. ebrahim sams aquarium

    ebrahim sams aquarium

    22 Aug 2011
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    Bergvliet, Cape Town
    Yellow Belly Damsel
    Sixline wrasse
    Cleaner Wrasse
    Convict Tang
    Moorish Idol
    Bicolour Blenny
    Scooter Blenny
    Purple Fire Goby
    Anthias Dispar
    Royal Dottyback
    Racoon butterfly
    Orbiculate Batfish
    Clown Surgeon
    Indian Sailfin tang
    Brown Tang
    Lyretail Anthias
    Regal Angel
    Checkerboard Wrasse
    Mentawai fairywrasse
    Regal Tang
    Pink Tail Trigger
    Wimple fish
    Orange and purple fairywrasse
    Orange Shoulder Tang
    Two Spot Bristletooth
    Niger Trigger
    Selaris Goby
    Harlequin Sweetlip
    Coral Beauty
    Unicorn Surgeon
    Blue Throat Trigger

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