Bali Fish and Inverts received

28 Nov 2011
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Brackenfell, Cape Town
Good day Everyone

Here's the list of our latest stock received from Bali. Great stock for great value!!!

Red Hermit Crabs (large) @ R79.00ea
Sand Shifting Starfish @ R149.00ea
Turbo Snails (Good size) @ R69.00ea
Volitans Lionfish @ R459.00ea
Lipstick Tangs (Good size) @ R339.00ea
Bali Jawfish @ R149.00ea
Forktailed Blenny @ R159.00ea
Goldenhead sleeper Goby @ R169.00
Orange Line-striped Goby @ R169.00
Orange-epeulette Surgeonfish (Adult-small) @ R495.00ea
Jewel Antenna Basslets (Red) @ R98.00ea
Royal Dottybacks @ R149.00ea
Astrolabe Wrasses @ R149.00ea
Dragon Wrasses (Juv) @ R289.00ea
Bi coloured Angels @ R395.00ea
Shortfin Lionfish @ R249.00ea
Scopas Tang @ R229.00ea
Yellow Coral Gobies @ R219.00ea
Wheeler's Prawn Gobies @ R195.00ea
FoxFaces @ R398.00ea

It's that time of year again so, to add some excitement to your purchasing, we are running a load of in-store specials and our year-end Lucky Draw. All you need to do is spend a minimum of R500.00, put your name and phone number on the back of your receipt and drop it into the box. The draw takes place on 2 January 2016.

Have a great weekend