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    While much of the marine aquarium world was recuperating from MACNA 2013, Wen-Ping Su shared the latest news out of Bali Aquarich. *The official BING translation of the caption for this photo reads “24 days Maze Angelfish, has already passed two major danger, and unlike the other immortals are: back already could see blue streak, expect them to grow up.”

    This is our first look at what may wind up being the first captive-bred Maze Angelfish. It stands to reason that something like the first captive bred Conspiculatus Angelfish might not be far behind. *We remain in awe of all that’s being accomplished by Bali Aquarich.

    [​IMG]24 day old Maze Angelfish in growout at Bali Aquarich – image courtesy Bali Aquarich

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