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    The flagfin angelfish, Apolemichthys trimaculatus, has been successfully bred and reared in captivity by Bali Aquarich. After years of stagnation in the captive breeding space of marine angelfishes, Mr. Wen-Ping Su and Bali Aquarich is blazing a trail so fast it’s almost hard to keep track of their accomplishments.

    Therefore it comes with little surprise that Bali Aquarich has added another feather in its cap by being the first to breed yet another species of reef angelfish. This triumph in captive marine fish breeding is particularly noteworthy for being only the second species of Apolemichthys to be bred in captivity and with Bali Aquarich’s track record, it’s likely that the flagfin angelfish is the first that will be bred on a commercial scale.

    [​IMG]With the breeding of the flagfin angelfish now unlocked, we can let ourselves dream of Mr. Su and his staff rearing goldflake angelfish and bandit angelfish whose juveniles are very highly coveted, and which acclimate to captivity much better than the adults. And if Bali Aquarich could get its hands on a pair of tiger angelfish, a future where juvenile Apolemicthys kingi are expensive but somewhat readily, and legally available, is incredibly tantalizing.
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