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    Still fresh from the meteoric news of Bali Aquarich’s first captive bred Pomacanthus hybrid, we’ll quell the excitement just a little with updates on the growth of their captive raised Holacanthus passer. Just two days post Valentine’s this year, we reported on Bali Aquarich’s success with this species, making Holacanthus passer the second member of its genus and the first of its kind to be raised successfully in captivity. Following in the footsteps of H. clarionensis, we revisited the facility just shy of a month after to report on the status and growth, and are happy to say that they have now attained full juvenile status with remarkable coloration.

    [​IMG]~100 day old Holacanthus passer.

    On our previous visit, the passer angel babies were just past their one month mark, looking like thumbnail flecks of silver with just the faintest resemblance toward Holacanthus. Now after approximately a hundred days of development, the same babies are fully matured juveniles with the characteristic markings and coloration of H. passer. It is remarkable how quickly they develop and change into something completely unrecognisable in under two months. These juvenile passer angels are just about ready for export and some may have already tasted international soil.

    With the completion of this species to its juvenile phase, it’s quite safe to say that Mr. Su and Bali Aquarich get to keep that feather on their caps. Forgive me for recycling this joke, but with so many accomplishments already under their belt, that cap is looking more and more like a small bird than anything else.
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