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    bactiv8-npx.png Bactiv8 NPX is a new bacterial additive from Two Little Fishies with the purpose of boosting the quantity and diversity of heterotrophic bacteria in reef tanks. Bactiv8 NPX contains active marine bacteria that aid in the nitrification and denitrification and to promote the decomposition of organic wastes in marine and reef aquariums. Bactiv8 NPX can be used as a compliment to NPX Bioplastics to increase the assimilation of nitrate and phosphate and subsequent export from the aquarium water through protein skimming.

    Many aquarists think that having a carbon source in the aquarium water such as the addition vodka or the use of biopellets is enough to encourage bacterial growth but these methods are simply foods, energy sources for the bacteria. The addition of specific heterotrophic bacterial cultures like Bactiv8 NPX helps to guide the microbial populations to include a wider range of beneficial bacteria that work together to decompose organic waste. Without regular additions of diverse bacterial boosters, the bacterial populations that use carbon in the aquarium system become dominated by fewer generalist species which may not be as desirable as having a diversity of bacterial species that perform a wider range of bacterial services.

    Bactiv8 NPX will be revealed this week at Global Pet Expo in Orlando and it will be available soon in 250ml and 500ml bottles.
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