Bacterial Infection in Emperor Angel

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    Hi could some one please give me some advace.... I have had my emperor for 4 weeks now (adult)hewas eating fine and all of a sudden he has started tolose his colour ( white blotches). The LFS where I bought him from said he has a bacterial infection and that I should treat him with garlic extract twice a day.. He is still picking at Nori though. Does any one else have any suggestions???
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    Carl was it you that smsed me yesterday. my flippen phone is on the blink again..

    i would check things like PH and SG specifically but assessing your aother parameters would be useful aswell.. white blotchyness isnt always bacterial and i would diagnose bacterial more with behavior than with discoulouration..

    if your nitrates are high this could also lead to fading..

    i say feed him meaty (but first assess your nitrate) foods laced with a vitimin.. such vitimins include red sea vita and AM aquabiovit to name a few..

    if you can get your hands on vitimin B12 from a pharmacy this would be beneficial aswell.. the garlic is more to assist in masking the taste of the medicines and increase its chance of the food being eaten..

    maybe some other members could offer some more info on the subject..

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