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    so given the recent load shedding this year I decided it was time to build a back up power supply for my tank. got an electrician to build me the power supply and this is what I have landed up with,

    6 amp, 12-84ah charger
    45ah battery (which I swopped as only a 7ah was supplied)
    800w Omega 12v dc to ac 230v inverter (doesnt say what sinewave)

    I have the following pumps,

    fluval 205 canister filter (10w)
    fluval 306 canister filter (15w)

    now here is the problem.....when I try and connect the pumps to inverter then the motors start clicking, if im lucky a single motor will run for about an hour before it stops......and I cant get them to both run together. and to top it off this is while its still connected to the mains.....

    please advise urgently as im worried for my fish
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    From my understanding, that is due to your inverter, you'll need a pure sine wave inverter. There seem to be a couple of older types of pumps that will run fine on a normal inverter, but generally, a pure sine wave inverter is what you'll need for newer pumps and to run your controllers etc.
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    Or use dc pumps they work fine on modified sine wave.
    Imo it would be cheaper to get dc pumps than to het a true sine wave inverter.
    Maybe I just looked at the wrong places for an inverter but thats the 2 options you have.

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