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    Hi All Pet Stop customers & reefers

    All of our customers that knew Godfrey (marine department assistant) experienced a big void when Godfrey left Pet Stop. (myself included)


    Godfrey started working again on 1 Feb 2013 and you can see the difference in the marine department. The fish look better, corals are more vibrant and the water appears to sparkle again.:eek::biggrin: I am not exaggerating. Our marine departments stock and aquariums have not looked this great since the launch 2 years ago. Now I can actually start to spend my time looking into some rare and exotic specimens for you again. Not dealing with the daily maintenance.

    Do yourself a favour this week and come and EXPERIENCE the DIFFERENCE for yourself.:p

    Look at the current stock list bellow and you will know why YOU NEED TO VISIT PET STOP THIS WEEK.
    Another incentive / reason (as if you need an incentive ;)) to visit us this week are the 2 shipments landing from Kenya and Philippines this week.:thumbup:

    On this current stock list you will find a fish you like to introduce into your aquarium.
    Angel Asfur L
    Angel Blue Moon (White) XXL
    Angel Vermiculated Angel Chaetodontoplus Mesoleucus
    Angel Blue Moon
    Angel Bicolour Angel Centropyge Bicolor
    Angel Blue Ring Angel (L)
    Angel Blue Ring Angel (M)
    Angel Coral beauty
    Angel Emperor Angel
    Angel Koran Angel
    Angel Lamark Angel
    Angel Majestic Angel
    Angel Multicolour
    Angel Regal L
    Angel Indian Yellowtail Angel

    Butterfly Banner S
    Butterfly Copper band L
    Butterfly Saddled Butterfly Chaetodon Falcula M/L
    Butterfly Bennetts Butterfly fish Chaetodon Bennetti
    Butterfly Copper band Butterfly Chelmon Rostratus M/L

    Cardinal Banggai Cardinal
    Cardinal Blue Eyed Cardinal

    Clown Black Clown
    Clown Percula Clown
    Clown Picasso Clown
    Clown Bright Yellow Clarki
    Clown Tomato
    Clown Skunk-Striped Clown Amphiprion Akalopisos

    Damsel Green Chromis
    Damsel Scissor Tail Damsel
    Damsel Yellow Tail Blue Damsel
    Damsel Yellow Tail Cromis

    Fish Lion Fish (S)
    Fish Wasp
    Fish Double Whiptail
    Fish Yellow Box Fish
    Fish Green Spotted Filefish
    Fish Big eye Squirrel
    Fish Knife Fish
    Fish Threadfin Goldie

    Goby Bi-colour Goby
    Goby Pretty Prawn Goby
    Goby Railway Goby L
    Goby Sand sifter Goby
    Goby White Sand Sifter
    Goby Yellow Prawns Goby
    Goby Velvet Goby
    Goby Pink Bar Goby
    Goby Midas Blenny
    Goby Salarias Goby
    Goby Neon Goby
    Goby Fork tail Blenny
    Goby Prawn Goby
    Goby Fire Goby
    Goby Flame Goby
    Goby 2 Spot Goby
    Goby Fork tail Blenny Meiacanthus Atrodorsalis
    Goby Segmented Blenny Salarias Segmentatus
    Goby Court Jester Goby Amblygobius Rainfordi
    Goby Spot Tail Hover goby Ptereleotris Heteroptera
    Goby Yellow Clown Goby Gobiodon Okinawae
    Goby Red Scooter Blenny

    Goldie Hucht's Anthias Pseudanthias Huchti
    Goldie Geometric Flame Basslet Plectranthias Inermis
    Gramma Strawberry
    Gramma Bi-Colour Gramma

    Tang Bristle tooth Tang
    Tang Chocolate Tang
    Tang Fox Face
    Tang Gold rim M/L
    Tang Lipstick Blond naso L
    Tang Magnificent Fox Face
    Tang Powder Blue M/L
    Tang Singapore M/L
    Tang Tennenti Tang
    Tang Tennenti Tang (S) XS
    Tang Tomini Tang M/L
    Tang Clown Surgeon M/L
    Tang Yellow Eye Tang S
    Tang 2 Strap Rabbit
    Tang Yellow Belly Regal
    Tang Yellow Eye Tang
    Tang Ocean Tang

    Trigger Nigger Trigger
    Trigger Triangle Trigger
    Trigger Picasso Trigger

    Wrasse Twister
    Wrasse African Coris
    Wrasse Exquisite Wrasse
    Wrasse Green wrasse
    Wrasse Leopard Wrasse
    Wrasse Pencil Wrasse
    Wrasse Redline Wrasse
    Wrasse Threadfin Wrasse
    Wrasse Yellow Wrasse
    Wrasse Blue spotted Wrasse
    Wrasse Yellow Tail Tamarin Wrasse
    Wrasse Cosmetus Wrasse
    Wrasse pastel ring wrasse
    Wrasse blue strap leopard wrasse
    Wrasse Angula Flasher Wrasse Parachelinus Carpenteri
    Wrasse Cleaner Wrasse Labroides Dimidatus
    Wrasse Six-Lined Wrasse Pseudocheilinus Hexataenia
    Wrasse Striated Wrasse Pseudocheilinus Evanides
    Wrasse Bird Wrasse

    Then some inverts / shrimps
    x invert Scarlet Cleaner Shrimp Lysmata Rathbunae
    x invert Cleaner Shrimp
    x invert Neon Green Carpet anemone
    x invert Red-base Sand anemone
    x invert Star Fish (Green)
    x invert Bumble Bee Snails
    x invert Sea Apple
    x invert Sea Hare
    x invert Hermit Crab
    x invert mini carpets
    x invert tube anemone green

    And this is the corals that landed the last 2 weeks THERE ARE LOADS & LOADS MORE IN STOCK
    Green Metallic Branch Jewel pot - Goniopora Stokesi
    Green Metallic Branch. jewel - Goniopora Lobata
    Red Rose Brain Coral - Wellsophyllia Radiata
    Multicolour Rose Brain - Wellsophyllia Radiata
    Special Button Polyp - Zoanthus Propalythoa
    Special Button Polyp - Zoanthus Propalythoa
    Symphyllia Bright colour - Symphyllia Agaricia
    Symphyllia 2 colours - Symphyllia Agaricia

    So come and welcome Godfrey back PLUS see the aquariums for yourself with all these stock in it.

    We are busy replacing the coral aquariums filter and this will be done by Friday morning as well :whistling:


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    All the subscribers to Pet Stop's email notification list receive the full details. If you want to subscribe just send an email to and type MARINES in the subject line

    Will start a thread with a updated list tomorrow - so it can include the loads of new stock that we are receiving tomorrow (prices will be on there especially for you ;) )
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    Hi moolis. Is the angular flasher wrasse still around. Is it the same as a carpenters flasher wrasse? Also how much? Thanks
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    Parachelinus Carpenteri
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    Moolis can you please send me prices of the gobies and some clean up crew?

    Hermits and snails please...
    Last edited: 23 Feb 2013
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    Hi send me an email with all you need and I will do it for you.

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