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Fish, thats the word!
15 Aug 2007
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JHB Norwood

I need to move, latest next week Saturday. But the house I'm moving to In Norwood isn't going to be available until the 18th Dec. I'm staying with family in the interim.

I have a six line, Royal gamma and a percolate clown. A torch frag, big shroom and some Zola disks that I would like someone to adopt until I have the tank setup in the new place.

I really don't want to stress the fish with 2 moves but if someone is able to look after these fish and frags for a few weeks they need to make sure I they can be caught when we need to transfer them back. If it close to Norwood that would be first prize.

Shout out if you can assist, cheers.
You could always buy my Nano, put everything in there and keep it where you are going to stay for timebeing. Later on you could use the Nano for something else:whistling:
trad, i could help you but the fish will go in my sump, i already have a sixline wrasse and a royal dottyback is a pain in the *** in terms of aggression. I can keep the sump doors open and they can get some natural lighting.
This is on condition the fish are disease free although, as i don't want my tank wiped for doing someone a favour.
I am in primrose hill, Germiston if you are interested. Send me a PM and we can chat on whatsapp maybe.

There are other people with bigger/multiple tanks that perhaps will help you.

Also, how big are the fish as i have already lost a dottyback to the skimmer pump, was a small fish though.
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