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8 May 2007
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A video of a baby dolphin being born is taking the internet by storm. The newborn Pacific-side dolphin was born at Chigago’s Shedd Aquarium on April 18 and the entire event was captured on video.

The statement on the aquarium’s YouTube page read:

“We welcomed a Pacific white-sided dolphin calf to the Shedd Aquarium family April 18th at 9:14am! This was the first pregnancy for Katrl, who gave birth after 3 hours of labor in the Abbott Oceanarium with more than 40 members of the animal care and veterinary teams standing by. With only 16 Pacific white-sided dolphins in accredited North American zoological facilities, this birth is significant for the population as well as to the scientific and marine mammal communities dedicated to better understanding the reproductive and neonatal biology and behaviors about the rarely studied species.”

This is an incredible video and definitely something that will hopefully make your day a little brighter. To learn more about mom and calf, visit:
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