RSS B-Box Aquarium adds another feather to its cap with their newest Liopropoma africanum

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    There’s nothing we enjoy more than a close up video of a rare and highly prized Liopropoma*basslet, and this time, B-Box Aquarium treats us to their spanking new L. africanum. While nowhere near as rare as the crazy deepwater Liopropoma aragai and Liopropoma aberrans, the african reef basslet is special enough to warren a light yelp of excitement.

    Liopropoma-africanum1.png Liopropoma africanum is a gorgeous salmon pink and yellow little fish.

    The salmon pink body accented with bright yellow highlights makes this little basslet look more like a piece of candy than anything else! As usual, B-Box Aquarium make known to the world of their latest gem by treating us with high definition pictures and a video of it up close.

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