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    phoenix-effect-1.jpg is a newly created forum that was created to provide and share information about the care of*Azooxanthellate corals in aquariums at all experience levels. The goal of is not just to provide and share information on a hobbyist level but also to share information with global azoox reefers. With azooxanthellae corals exhibit*stunning looks and featuring fascinating, the*popularity of azoox aquariums has truly blossomed over the last couple of years.


    Azooxanthellae corals do not have any symbiotic algae and thus need another source of energy than lights, which means a need of a nearly constant food source in the water. In the past hobbyist have failed miserably in keeping them alive, but with better understanding about the needs of these animals, hobbyists and public aquariums alike are slowly developing ways to keep these stunning animals. With ingenious feeding systems providing the numerous feedings throughout the day needed for most azoox corals, improved filtration systems to cope with the huge amounts of nutrients, better collection and handling practices and commercial foods from companies such as Fauna Marin and Reef Nutrition, we are slowly beginning to see the incremental success that may one day lead to tanks full of Dendronephthya soft corals.

    Some corals (and inverts too) formally known as impossible to keep can now be kept with enough dedication although we’re still far from complete success. Unfortunately azooxanthellae coral are still very much*misunderstood*and much of their captive care requirements are still waiting to be discovered. A website dedicated to the care of these animals is a major step towards understanding the care of these animals and is*another major sign of their increasing popularity. Hopefully with study groups of specific coral species we will one day be able to keep these amazing organism. We are excited to finally see the this niche Azoox coral website launch because it is a big step in the “dark side” of reefkeeping. If you own an azoox tank, consider setting one up, or own any non-photosynthetic corals be sure to sign up to**See you there!
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