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    The Azoo Micro Temp Controller is an aquarium heater controller that is priced under $40. Aquarium heaters have always been a point of failure that have plagued hobbyists from the get go and external aquarium controllers tended to be rather pricey. The new Azoo Micro Temp Controller allows you to control heater loads up to 700W with a budget-friendly price.
    Azoo describes the controller as an easy, one-button operation and it displays the current water temperature digitally to give you a quick visual reading. Simply set the unit with the temperature you need and the on-board microprocessor does the rest maintaining the water temperature within ±1° Celsius of the temperature setting. The unit also features an alarm and shutoff when water temperature exceeds 35°C (around 95° Fahrenheit) and automatic heater shut off. The Azoo Micro Temp Controller measures 2 1/2 x 1 x 4 1/4 inches with a separate 29 in. temperature sensor probe.

    A few downfalls of the unit for U.S. hobbyists and reef hobbyists, the unit only shows temperatures in Celsius so you have to be able to do some temperature conversions on the fly. Also the temperature cutoff set at 35°C might be a little too late for delicate reef environments especially since the temperature rise is gradual and most likely exposing your tank’s inhabitants to higher temperatures for longer than you would like — it would be nice to be able to set the shutoff for a lower setting. For those of you interested, Foster and Smith Aquatics is selling it for $39.99.
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