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    Today’s edition of Awesome Fish Spotlight finds us looking at yet again, another cool Ecsenius blenny. While not nearly as hard to get as E. oculus, E. pictus is not a common find in the hobby. We’ve already stressed on how Ecsenius are a clan of algae eating blennies that are a must have for any reef aquarium. Why not really? They’re cute, stay small, active and are good lawn mowers. Most of all, many of them are colorful and affordable.

    [​IMG]Another pretty E. pictus sitting on a stony coral. Photo above and this by Gimpo.

    E. pictus is a lovely species found commonly in the Philippines and Indonesia. While not a staple, specimens do appear randomly from time to time. We have one living in our mixed reef display that came from a Philippines supplier. This species features a handsome black body decorated with thin white lines and a series of spots arranged in a linear fashion. The tail end features a striking assemblage of orange tiger stripes that leaves us wishing it continued further up its body. E. pictus is a beautiful fish to look out for, and if your LFS isn’t carrying them, its time you make a request.
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    Oh wow what an awesome blenny...

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