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    We’ve been covering head to toe on the newest Cirrhilabrus from down under that there’s hardly anything new to say. That did not stop us from taking some incredible pictures of this extremely beautiful terminal male specimen though. We’ve been following the development of C. squirei*religiously in the trade right from its debut at Blueharbor, right up to news of its extended range in the wild.*

    [​IMG]A close up look at the female of C. squirei.

    Today’s awesome fish spotlight features this illustrious Cairns Marine exclusive. We’ll skip all the technicalities and fish jargon for this post, but for more in depth information on this species, the various articles we’ve published in the past will shed some light. What we will show however, are some stunning HD pictures of this gorgeous crescent tailed fairy wrasse.

    The seldom photographed female above, when seen in closer detail, looks nearly identical to the females of the other lunatus complex species in which C. squirei is very closely related to. As of now, C. squirei is known only from Australia and is currently only available via Cairns Marine. A small but growing number have and are already entering the market, and this amazing pair was photographed minutes after landing at Iwarna Aquafarm, Singapore. For more pictures of this Australian, probably vegemite loving fish, check out the mini gallery below.

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