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    The dancing 25 gallon nano reef has a lot going for it; a vortech pump, LED lighting, great looking common marine animals, moderate use of live rock and an overall look which is greater than the sum of its parts. We absolutely love that this nano reef is stocked with the most bread and butter marine fish that you’re likely to find anywhere in the world: sixline wrasse, yellow tail damselfish, yellow tang, regal blue tang, bicolor blenny, a regular ocellaris and a brown ocellaris clownfish. The coral selection is equally down to earth with great looking specimens of Xenia, frogspawn, torch, green star polyps, green slimer acro, a ritteri anemone and much more.The pulsing water from the well-hidden Vortech MP10 is just the icing on this awesome dancing nano reef.

    Before you go crying bloody murder about so many tangs in one tank, keep in mind that this tank is well filtered with a large sump, a Bubble Magus protein skimmer and regular water changes every ten days. As the surgeonfish grow they will surely be relocated to a larger tank. No one can convince us that a tank full of gaudy Limited Edition corals can look any nicer, and this tank is running a 120 watt Chinese LED lighting fixture. In its current state, this 25 gallon nano reef is an absolute masterpiece but as we all know, reef aquariums are living systems and this heavily stocked aquarium is going to require regular maintenance and management to stay in this beautiful form.
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    that is super cool, i really do like that tank.
    can someone ID these for me?
    i think this is the same as number 1


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