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8 May 2007
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The Avast Marine Pegleg cone protein skimmers have been given a significant upgrade in the latest iteration of the company’s cone skimmer. While there have been numerous revisions in the last five years, this is a more precise version with better performance, ease of use and a kit version that is even easier to put together.

One of the first things that caught our attention was geared gate valve allowing for easier adjustment. The numbered gears allow for micro adjustments and being able to dial it back in after cleaning or maintenance. The lack of piping means the skimmer employs a passive recirculation method allowing the effluent to return to the intake pump for better performance, less plumbing and no need for a recirc pump.

The Avast Pegleg also takes into consideration the vast differences in sump depths, with a Deep Water plug you can remove to have more adjustment for a wide range of water levels. The Peglegs are in the smoked acrylic to keep light out and algae growth to a minimum and updating the color scheme to fit the more recent look of Avast products. Another feature is the “Swabbie Ready” lids allowing you to but a Swabbie skimmer cleaner on the skimmer.

Pegleg Skimmers are fitted with Sicce pumps attached to their custom venturi design that matches air draw to the size of the skimmer while still drawing a modest 23W for the first model available, the Avast Pegleg 180 skimmer that retails for $279. Eventually there will be four sizes, the Pegleg 150, Pegleg 180, Pegleg 200 and Pegleg 250 sizes. All we be offered in DIY kits and AVAST Built forms.

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