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    The Vibe Reactor is just the latest completely new product from Avast Marine which is an league of its own, way out of left field.*We don’t know what they are drinking over at Avast Marine but whatever it is, the main ingredient has got to be creative juice.

    We first got wind of the Avast Marine Vibe reactor about a month ago when the first teaser videos revealed that a media reactor with vibrator technology was in the works. The Vibe concept is a simple one – instead of cleaning your media reactor every month, calcium reactor twice a year or agitating zeolites on a daily basis, why not create a process which address that maintenance continuously?

    By affixing a vibrating mechanism to a media reactor of any kind, the media is agitated, perhaps somewhat fluidized and particles that would normally get trapped get ejected, leading to cleaner better working devices. GFO becomes cleaner, channeling is prevented in calcium reactor media and zeolites continually slough off nutritious bacterial mulm.

    We haven’t yet got details on the Vibe add-on but the primary Vibe reactor is additionally equipped with spring-mounted legs to the media chamber giving additional vibra-shaking action, we presume this one is primarily intended for zeovit and other zeolites/zeoliths. The Vibe reactor is available at Aquarium Specialty now for $379 with a volume of 2.5 liters. [Aquarium Specialty]

    Technical Data:
    Chamber dimensions: 8″ tall, 6″ diameter
    Footprint: 9.5″ round
    Height: 15.5″
    Media capacity: 10 Cups / 2.5L
    Zeolite capacity: 2.5L
    Power: AC 120v 3w
    Warranty: 1 year -
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