RSS Avast Marine Vibe, now a DIY kit, shakes your zeolite for you

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8 May 2007
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The Avast Marine Vibe automatic zeolite reactoris now available as a DIY kit. The Vibe uses springs and a periodic shaking to release the mulm off of zeolite to keep zeolite reactors running efficiently.

We covered the Avast Marine Vibe in its launch last year, and now have the kit for the reefer looking to save a few bucks and flex their DIY chops. One of the main reasons we appreciate Avast Marine is the ability to serve both sides, those that want a plug-and-play device and those looking for a project or to save a few bucks by doing the final construction themselves.

The DIY Vibe kit comes in two sizes, a 2 liter and 4 liter version, priced at $279 and $299 respectively. Both sizes are available with a 110V or 220V pump.
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