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8 May 2007
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Avast Marine has really carved a niche out for itself in the aquarium hobby by designing and building some really novel aquarium devices. Avast Marine’s Porthole, Skimmate Locker and Vibe zeolite reactor stand alone as innovative pieces of marine aquarium equipment, and for having really cool pirate-sounding names.

Carrying on their tradition of nautical aquarium products, Avast Marine has a new media reactor model which they are teasing in a new promotional video. The Avast Marine media reactor is distinguished for having a very long, tapering conical base which is just about the most effective way to fluidize all buoyant medias from the bottom up.

The conical base of the new media reactor appears to have some sort of ball check-valve at the base to keep media from flwoing backwards into the pump when the power is interrupted. This approach keeps all of your previous biomedia nice and wet should the power outage last longer than anticipated.

Furthermore, the new media reactor send water up the center, and down on the outside where the media-filtered water has a chance to be picked up by the pump again. This approach is a semi-recirculating approach which could be great for biopellet uses, but we presume that Avast Marine also has a configuration in mind which will prevent bypass for times when you just wanna polish water through the use of GFO and activated carbon.

Avast has not yet christened their new creation with a model name in order to have a “Name it to Win it” contest. Reef2Reef is currently hosting a contest  to see who can come up with the best name for the new Avast Marine reactor. There’s still some hidden tricks and features of the new Avast Marine media reactor yet to be unveiled so we’ll keep our eyes peeled for the full reveal.
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